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We have been proud partners and supporters of InterVolve since early 2016 when their team of volunteers were working around the clock to provide relief items to thousands of people stuck in Idomeni. We continue to witness the dedication and hard work of InterVolve’s teams in both Thessaloniki and Thessaly, committed to learning from mistakes and continuously improving capacity and the services that their communities receive.

Ingrid Kantarova
Field Manager
Help Refugees

We are looking into working more on community-based protection (CBP) and the work InterVolve does within Irida is an example of how CBP could work. The support networks created among community members via Irida are an example of sustainable and durable solutions as the community is building on its own skills and coping mechanisms.


InterVolve’s flexible and motivated team always shows respect, integrity, high work ethics, creativity, cultural awareness and resilience, and therefore, enjoys the appreciation and trust of both persons of concern and partners.

Evangelia Kallini
Associate Protection Expert

InterVolve has been proven very accurate in filling gaps in the sites where we work. InterVolve has a great and dedicated field team which is always willing to support other actors. Through their work they have gained the respect not only of the PoCs, but also of the other stakeholders. I could define InterVolve as a well-organised and effective organisation when it comes to meeting people’s needs.

Theodoros Karakoulakis
Area Manager Central Greece
Danish Refugee Council

Humanity Now is based in the US; thus, we do not implement our own programming, but rather seek trustworthy partners in Greece, who can use our funds efficiently to benefit the lives of displaced people. InterVolve has consistently demonstrated its ability to do that, and we feel grateful to have them as ongoing partners. Our commitment to InterVolve’s work has consistently yielded positive results and we consider InterVolve among our most valuable partners in Greece. We look forward to supporting more InterVolve projects in the future.

Dana Sachs
Humanity Now: Direct Refugee Relief

Excellent impressions both in terms of field work and cooperation with other organisations. InterVolve has proven able to build and maintain good relationships with the PoCs. The distribution of items and the various workshops and activities they facilitated really supported and improved the life in the camp.

Georgios Syrros
Field Coordinator

The warm, friendly and creative environment of Irida and its people were inspirational for all of us and we could actually see the great work they were doing; it was a centre made and developed to respond to the needs of the beneficiaries, allowing for changes and adaptations in their weekly schedule in an ever evolving and vibrant environment.

Evmorfia Silvistopoulou
Former Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Manager
International Rescue Committee

We have been inspired by Irida’s staff and their enthusiasm, creativity and effort to support women. We have greatly benefited from the open and honest communication that we have had with InterVolve over the past months, and we have managed to built that into a working relationship that adds value to our programmes.

Rojena Tatour
Programme Lead - Baytna Early Childhood Development
Refugee Trauma Initiative

Over the past year, InterVolve has proven to be a highly reliable partner. They have been actively participating in the weekly protection meetings, raising concerns and highlighting existing gaps, while they also advocate for the improvement of safe zones and maintain a close and daily interaction with PoCs and other actors. InterVolve has demonstrated their willingness to offer solutions and fill in service gaps.

Konstantinos Papathanasiou
Associate Protection Expert

From what I’ve seen so far, InterVolve is doing a fantastic job on the ground. It has been a pleasure to be a partner and support in all that we can. The team on the ground is an example of perseverance, leadership, humanity and hard work. Keep up the amazing work!

Cláudia Sabença
Head Coordinator
IHA - InterEuropean Human Aid Association

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