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“Irida is my main hope. Because of Irida I learnt English. My biggest hope was to find a job, and because of Irida I found a job, and I found myself!”


Rozh B.
Irida Member

I would like to thank you because you gave me an opportunity to express what is inside me about Irida Center and the staff at Irida. I continue on the course of my life. Of course,  Irida Center means a lot to me. Thanks to the Irida Center and the team, I have reached what I dreamed of for a long time. And it wouldn’t have happened, if it hadn’t been for God’s success, and then because Irida stood by my side. Before I came to Irida and met the team who works at Irida, I was a completely different person. I was not a social person. I didn’t want to leave the house. I was isolated and I had no goal in life. Even if I had a goal, I would not have the bravery to reach my goal. My personality was weak, but after I came to Irida and got to know the staff , I changed a lot. I became a strong person and I became brave. And because my personality is strong and I have the ability to defend my rights and the rights of others, I became a social person. All this change is thanks to Irida and the staff at Irida. And every person from the team was giving me positive energy, so I could achieve my goals. Thanks to Irida I met people from different countries. All thanks and appreciation to all who stood with me, and to all who stood against me, as this is what made me who I am today. Today I thank you for what you did for me and I learned a lot from you, you were the best teachers for me and others. If you were not, I wouldn’t have a goal in this life.”

Haifa N.
Irida Member

Irida helped me to believe myself, showed me that we can earn everything by my confidence and hard work, and taught me it does not matter my age, my nationality, my religion just my confidence and my goals are important. Irida teaches me women are not for home and family, women are for enjoying life. Thank you so much Irida’s employees.”

Fatemeh O.
Irida Member

The truth is that Irida means everything to me. Do you know why? Because when I came to Greece, the world became black in front of me. I found myself alone. I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t have anyone here apart from my husband. I spent the whole first week crying, I was crying every day. I was depressed. I went to the Red Cross and I told them I want to find a school to learn hairdressing or something else. They told me about Irida and I went directly there. Alex welcomed me; she is a really nice girl, and especially because she speaks Arabic. She helped me, and registered me. I registered for all the activities, I didn’t miss even one, because of how much I was defeated… English, Greek, cooking, drawing, handcrafts, yoga,everything everything. From that day, I started going every day and thanks to God that from then my mental state changed 100%. I met a lot of people who are really nice, from Syria, from Iraq, Kuwait. I started laughing again. I returned to my old self, active, getting up in the morning. I started getting ready to go to the school happy in the morning. When my family call me they always find me at school, or I am going to or coming back from school. I benefited a lot from the cooking class, the drawing class, English helped me a lot. I love my teacher Roos and Kiki. The truth is that the whole team is so nice.”

Khadija A.
Irida Member

Irida is part of my family. I meet with lovely people from different countries and share different opinions. I had learned and benefited a lot from Irida. My prayers to God are to answer each and everyone of you of what your heart desires.”

Antonia U.
Irida Member

“For me personally, I cannot study in my country as needed. But at Irida I’m learning a new language! Irida is everything for me. Irida is our school, our second home. I found good friends at Irida and members of Irida are very respectful. Irida is very helpful for children, young people and old people . Thank you Irida staff, keep going!”

Ashti K
Irida Member

I feel so excited because there is a center just for women and we’re more comfortable. I’m satisfied because I feel like my greek language skills are developing day by day. Thanks a lot dear Irida and my teacher!”

Masha B.

Irida means a lot to me. The biggest help is Irida as a school for learning languages, but also many other topics, like informing us with useful and important information. Irida has had a big and positive impact on my life.
There I learnt a lot, and met a lot of friends, and I consider Irida my second home. I really thank the team for their great effort that they make for us during the difficult times that we have gone through.”

Dilpak J.
Irida Member

Irida Center makes me feel like I’m not alone and forgotten. I feel like I have been forgotten as a woman with sadness inside me. And there is Irida, so there is hope. There is humanity. There is love. Thanks Irida Center.”

Shahrbanoo R.
Irida Member

I came to Irida when I was in a difficult time in my life. Once you enter Irida, you feel hope and support! To say thank you is little.
I am very grateful to all the staff for their tireless work . Thank you very much!

Blerina T.
Irida Member

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