SustainHER: Promotion of Sustainable Employment for Vulnerable Women at risk of Poverty and Social Exclusion


The project aims to protect and promote access to sustainable employment opportunities for socially and economically vulnerable women through skill-building and vocational training. Additionally, the project conducts research on sustainable employment for vulnerable women on both national and European levels, while examining the current conditions in the field of the lifelong learning and vocational training for social and economically marginalized women. 


  1. Empower women living at risk of poverty and social exclusion by providing them with access to uninterrupted vocational training opportunities, taking into account their learning needs, and enhancing their professional skills.
  2. Promote women’s integration into the labor market through tailored and targeted employability opportunities by ensuring work readiness and developing workplace soft skills. 
  3. Infom socially and economically vulnerable women about their labor rights according to the national legal framework and European values and the available means to claim and uphold them when required.
  4. Research whether there are sustainable employment opportunities for women with increased socio-economic vulnerabilities and examine the current state of lifelong learning and vocational training opportunnies for them both in Greece and in other member states. 
  5. Propose solutions for the promotion and enhancement of sustainable employment both in Greece and in member states harmonized with European Values and Development Stategies, establishing the foundations for future advocacy actions. 


The project “SustainHer: Promotion of Sustainable Employment for Vulnerable Women at Risk of Poverty and Social Exclusion” is implemented under the BUILD program, with implementing actor Irida Women’s Center and partner Stimmuli for Social Change.

The program “Building a robust and democratic civi space” (BUILD) aims to the protection, promotion, and wide acknowledgment of the European Union’s fundamental rights and values through the support of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Greece and Cyprus and the strengthening of their organizational capacity and sustainability. BUILD is co-funded by the European Union, through the Citizens, Equality, Rights, and Values Program (CERV), the Bodossaki Foundation, and the Cyprus NGO Support Center with a total amount of 2.9 M €. The Bodossaki Foundation coordinates BUILD (Greece) in partnership with the NGO Support Center (Cyrpus)


Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union, the European Education and Culture Executive Agency or the Bodossaki Foundation. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.