Women play a key role in the socioeconomic development of society. Throughout history, the central role of women in society has ensured stability, progress, and long-term development. Women hold a valuable role as caretakers, educators, dynamic members of society’s workforce, and agents of positive change and progress. Yet, women are often left behind.

Gender inequality, violence, and poverty hinder women’s personal and professional progress and are interrelated. Poverty and unemployment can be both a cause and a consequence of gender-based violence, which has a tremendous impact not only on the lives of women who experience it but on society as a whole. Violence impoverishes women, their families, communities, and nations. The costs of violence against women in the EU can be estimated to be almost 256 billion euros[1]. At the same time, gender inequality means that women are often discriminated against and lack access to resources, which makes them vulnerable to gender-based violence and poverty. More than 1 in 4 women in Greece are at risk of poverty and social exclusion[2]. Greece has one of the lowest rates of women’s employment in the EU and holds the last place in gender equality among 28 EU member states, with a score that has remained almost the same for the past ten years. The situation is even worse for marginalized groups, such as migrants[3].

We work with Greek, refugee, and migrant women who are economically and socially excluded; women who lack opportunities for a safe life and a sustainable future for themselves and their children; women whose voices are not heard and whose stories are untold. We work with these women to ensure they are protected and have the support they need to stand on their feet and take ownership of their life. Through counseling, legal and psychosocial support, and employability services, we ensure that women have the guidance and support they need to pursue the future they aspire to. We work with commitment and determination to ensure no woman is left behind.


“A world in which no woman is left behind”


“To ensure that all women are supported and empowered to pursue opportunities for personal and professional development and determine the course of their lives”.