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Our mission

InterVolve is a Greek founded and registered civil non-profit partnership based in Thessaloniki. InterVolve supports both the local community as well as newcomers and those passing on through Greece. We are a flexible and dedicated team taking grassroots action to ensure human rights are accessible for everyone, with a current focus on asylum seekers, migrants and refugees in Greece.

InterVolve condemns violations of human rights which perpetuate the suffering of both asylum seekers, and other communities. We work through grassroots action to address these inequities and advocate for the human rights of all.

InterVolve identifies and fills gaps, meeting needs effectively by engaging with communities, partner organisations and authorities, and by acting with integrity, respect, and empathy. We respond to emergency needs quickly, while building long term projects carefully and sustainably in collaboration with communities.

InterVolve is a small flexible and dedicated Greek NGO taking action to ensure that human rights are accessible for everyone. We work from a basic ethic of providing people with the support and resources they need to move on in their own lives with dignity.


Our values

InterVolve has a strong set of values which underpins all we do, and which guides our decision making. We are:


Person Centred: We work to support people as individuals.

  • We work with and for individuals and communities and their needs are paramount. Where practicable, we take time to understand the needs of individuals in the community and prioritise projects and activities based on feedback from the community as well as objective assessment.
  • We build projects and interventions in response to requests by individuals, or find partners who can provide support where it is outside of our capacity.
  • We promote equity and equality, and challenge all forms of discrimination. This includes ensuring individuals access equitable support.


Community Developing: We build relationships, trust and strength within and between communities, and raise the voice of the people we support. We work from the basic principle of supporting people to support themselves and to manage their own lives. We are rooted in Greece, and our work seeks to promote integration between refugee and Greek communities.

  • We act consistently, reliably and fairly to maintain community harmony.
  • We support communities to have a voice and self-determination in their day to day living, and in the support and activities developed. This can be through providing forums, consulting with the community, or providing resources for communities to address their own needs.
  • Volunteers at InterVolve commit for a minimum period, and commit to induction training, in order to promote and maintain harmony within the community, and to enable them to work with a deeper understanding of community perspectives, dynamics and needs.
  • We create opportunities to promote integration of different communities.
  • We encourage community volunteering and value the skills found within the communities we support.
  • We work from a basic ethic of providing people with the resources and supports they need to manage their own lives, in a dignified and respectful way.


Free and Flexible: We adapt according to real time community needs and are bureaucracy light.

  • We are an independent organisation that values having freedom and flexibility as this enables us to fill gaps and support communities by responding quickly. We seek to secure funding and resources, and build projects that preserve our freedom to act as appropriate for the needs of the population. This does not supersede long term commitments, but enables us to be responsive and resilient.
  • While we maintain accountability, professionalism effective operational administration, we seek to be effective in meetings and operations to reduce bureaucratic burden.


Strong, Dedicated and Resilient: We work hard, reflect and learn, and are creative in responding to emerging needs. We support each other.

  • We work until the job is done. We recognise people are living in harsh conditions and will deliver services consistently to support people as long as it is possible to do so.
  • The situation is demanding and we will support each other to adapt, to stay strong and focused despite difficult days, and to learn from mistakes and challenges. We will seek to secure long term partnerships and funding to enable us to be responsive and resilient for the long term, and to secure guidance and expertise to help us respond to the best of our ability.
  • We will create structures to support, induct and train volunteers so they can be effective, resilient and included.


Professional: We work safely, with integrity, cultural awareness, boundaries, accountability, and with skill, and coordinate constructively with others.

  • We work to protect the human rights of the communities we support, and will act within good practice guidance and local protocol.
  • We develop projects and services which are culturally sensitive, dignity promoting, and professional.
  • We coordinate with partners and authorities constructively whilst maintaining a focus on community needs, confidentiality, and independence.
  • We undertake work that matches our skill set and experience, and seek guidance and support where necessary.
  • We manage resources responsibly, transparently, and with accountability.


Priorities and Results Driven: Our actions are considered and prioritised for the benefit of the communities we work in.

  • We prioritise the basic needs of the communities we support before any other commitment.
  • We seek to facilitate and maintain the human rights of people living in Greece. We will achieve this with targeted services, appropriate referrals, and by developing appropriate partnerships.
  • We regularly review and evaluate our work to ensure the desired results are achieved for the people we support.
  • We take a responsibility to use our capacity to reach as widely as we effectively can, without diluting the quality of support we can offer.


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