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Introducing Mahmoud and Gifstoria

Mahmoud had no previous experience in carpentry when he joined the carpentry project at Softex camp, but he thought it could be a good opportunity to get to learn something new and to spend his time in an efficient way, in addition to making time in the camp pass faster. Getting the know how from an experienced carpenter in the camp, Mahmoud started producing with the carpeting team benches for Softex and other camps, school desks, caravans’ doors, shelves, as well as the sewing area and boutique. He helped in the construction of the cultural centre and completed its insulation.

Soon Mahmoud started creating design items such as signs and baby beds that were exhibited at the International Expo in Thessaloniki, showing the talents of refugees and changing the negative stereotyped image of refugees. Some VIPs such as Alexis Tsipras, the Ministry of Asylum and EU representatives have received some of Mahmoud’s gifts as a symbol of refugees’ resilience and talents.

Mahmoud enjoys producing creative items, and has made many gifts for volunteers at InterVolve, gifts tailored to the story of his experience with this volunteer. The first item he produced was a sign for InterVolve to show his love to this organisation who opened many doors to him and improved his quality of life.

Mahmoud has now started Gifstoria – where he makes personalised tailormade gifts based on “stories”.

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