Irida Center

Chloe Kousoula

Founder and CEO

Matthew Sheppard

Human Resources Manager

Christina (Christa) Calbos

Project Manager

Efthimia (Effie) Karagianni

Protection Officer

Erietta Theodosiadou

Logistics and Finance Manager

Kyriaki (Kiki) Orologa

Program and Activities Officer

Alexandra (Alex) Mitchell

Reception Officer

Ivi Psalti

Administrative Support

Lydia Siapardani

Μedia Officer & Activity Trainer

Elissavet (Elli) Hitsiou

Activity Trainer

Roos Bastiaan

Activity Trainer

Anne Tran – Intern

Anne is from Vietnam but is currently completing her MA degree in Italy. While completing her Master’s Degree in Cooperation and Development/Women Studies, she decided to join the Irida team to obtain firsthand experience. Anne believes that the only way for society to move forward, is a greater respect for equal and inherent universal human rights.

Roos Bastiaan – Activity Trainer

Roos grew up in the Netherlands. She studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam and obtained a master's degree in Safety Science at the University of Antwerp. Her interests have been revolving around displaced people. She worked as a project manager for Flemish Refugee Action on a project for young refugees. She volunteered on Lesvos as assistant coordinator for the Psycho-social mission of Boat Refugee Foundation and as team leader at Showerpower. At Irida, Roos coordinates the English classes, teaches English and is part of the activities team.

Elissavet (Elli) Hitsiou - Activity Trainer

Elli studied Social and Economic Archaeology of Greece and the Mediterranean. For the last 15 years, she has been working as a researcher and teacher for the secondary and higher education sector, in England, the Netherlands and Greece. Owing to her postgraduate and postdoctoral studies, she has developed a genuine interest in inequalities, particularly those pertaining to social class and gender relations.

Ivi Psalti – Administrative Support

Ivi majored in Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies with a specialization in Politics of Eastern Countries, and graduated with an MA in Politics and Economics of Contemporary Eastern and Southeastern Europe. Her research in regard to Securitization and Refugee Crises had left her with a desire to take action. Ivi believes that when women support and build each other up, amazing things can happen. She strives for a brighter tomorrow!

Lydia Siapardani – Μedia Officer & Activity Trainer

Lydia holds two degrees in Political Science and International Relations, and she is also a certified trainer in lifelong learning for adults. Since her college years, Lydia has been interested in gender issues and women's empowerment. Now with her work in Irida as Activity Trainer, she feels that she can provide actual empowerment to community members. Furthermore, Lydia works on InterVolve’s social media presence, trying hard to spread awareness about the challenges faced by our community, and about the amazing work of the organization.

Alexandra (Alex) Mitchell – Reception Officer

Alex came to Greece in early 2016 to volunteer in response to the refugee crisis, and worked in many camps in Northern Greece. Before coming to work in InverVolve, she lived and worked in several different countries such as the United Kingdom, Chile, Germany and Morocco. She speaks English, French, some Greek, and is fluent in Arabic.

Kyriaki (Kiki) Orologa – Program and Activities Officer

Kiki holds a bachelor degree in Politics and International Relations with a concentration in the Balkans and Middle East. Growing up in a large family, she soon realized that the well-being and good mood of the people around her is essential. Being part of Irida helps her to achieve one of her personal goals in life: to make people smile

Erietta Theodosiadou – Logistics and Finance Manager

Erietta studied Physics in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki but the humanitarian sector has since become both her interest and passion. When the European borders closed in 2015, she began volunteering at the Greek border town of Idomeni serving hot tea and a bit of warmth to refugees trapped there. In October 2016, she joined InterVolve’s work in Softex Camp, supporting in distribution and warehouse management, and she has remained with our team until today.

Efthimia (Effie) Karagianni – Protection Officer

Since 2016, Effie has worked in the humanitarian sector as a social worker within multicultural team contexts. Her work has required her to build an in-depth understanding of Protection regarding prevention and response.
Today she is helping women to survive and rebuild their lives, through coaching and support. Something she has learnt along the way: when we create a safe and inclusive environment for women and train them on using their own strengths and unique skills, every day wonders happen transforming the world into a better place!

Matthew Sheppard - Human Resources Manager

Matthew spent his early professional years in business and the arts as an auctioneer and realtor and as a film actor and musician. He had been traveling by bicycle across Canada and Europe in 2015 when he was alerted to and responded to the emerging events in Lesvos at the time. He joined Intervolve in early 2016 and has since permanently relocated to Northern Greece where he has started to lay roots with a growing family.

Chloe Kousoula - Founder and CEO

Chloe is a Greek American who returned back to her family’s home town of Thessaloniki. With a background in social studies but a career in the private and public sector until her mid thirties, she created Intervolve in 2015 in response to the deplorable conditions in Eidomeni, one of the most controversial situations in Greece and a true humanitarian crisis.
She is now a devoted mother while maintaining an active role in the community and the CEO of the organization

Christina (Christa) Calbos - Project Manager

Christa holds a degree in International Studies with a concentration in Global Justice and Gender, and an MA in Cultural Studies. Her interest in human rights (and how to support communities in accessing and exercising them) has driven her to pursue work and studies in multicultural communities throughout the U.S, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe. Since 2015, Christa has been working in refugee and migration response on both the islands and mainland of Greece. She believes travel can cure almost any ailment, and that when you invest in women, you invest in community!

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