Irida Center

Irida Women’s Center


Irida Women's Center is a Greek grassroots NGO of dedicated team members, committed to creating a culture of resilience, empowering individuals, and providing them with the resources and skills they need to thrive.

What is the meaning"Irida"?

Irida is a Greek word meaning spectrum or every shade of color that makes up light. We chose this name because it reflects and celebrates the diversity of women that are part of our community. It represents the idea of Irida being a place for women of all nationalities, backgrounds, and skills that interact and grow together. We make a long-term commitment to running Irida for, and in conjunction with the women of Thessaloniki.

What is the Irida Women's Center?

Ιrida is a safe, welcoming, participatory space where women have a voice, a sense of ownership, and the opportunity to receive information and support. At Irida women have a chance to make social connections and build community; to bond, to develop, to thrive — all in an environment of safety, trust, and diversity.

At Irida we value building community not just among our members, but between our members (often new arrivals to the Greek community), and the host community itself, through integration and inclusion.

Irida Women's Center exists from 2018 for women of all nationalities and backgrounds; it offers safety and comfort, while also providing its members with direct resources to help heal trauma, as the large majority of our beneficiaries are refugee, migrant and asylum-seeking women, and their children.

Irida is  built on four pillars:

  • protection
  • empowerment
  • inclusion
  • integration

Through protection & legal services, psycho-social support, education, and other community-building activities, our members feel empowered to actively participate in the programming of the center, and most importantly, to find agency in their lives.


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